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Healthy Bean Coffee

Healthy Bean Coffee | Decaf (Dark-Roast) Coffee

Healthy Bean Coffee | Decaf (Dark-Roast) Coffee

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Decaf Ground, Low Acid Coffee | Organic, Fair-Trade | 11oz | Healthy Bean Coffee

Our Decaf blend has all of the regular Healthy Bean benefits you love — low acid, 100% organic beans that are mold + mycotoxin free and have a smooth flavor — without the caffeine content. Our decaf is excellent for anyone who wants to enjoy a great cup of coffee and the added health benefits of Healthy Bean without the side effects of caffeine. 

Our decaf is water processed which means no chemicals are ever used. The water decaffeination process leaves the original flavors in tact while removing the caffeine, making for a cup that is 99.9% caffeine free with 100% of the rich, semi-dark flavor.

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